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Trends for 2018 kitchens

Many years ago, the kitchen was the afterthought in a home design. The kitchen was designed for one thing only and that was food preparation. If you see an old kitchen they tend to be small and basic, but times have changed, and the kitchen layout and purpose have changed dramatically.

The kitchen has become the heart of the home, its no longer just a place to make the dinner it has become the place that food is made, eaten, homework is done, and the place glasses of wine and cups of coffee are shared.

How do kitchen renovations in 2018 look?

Keeping up with the latest trend is pointless if you can’t afford to change your kitchen each year, so we take the best of the trends for 2018 that will see you through for the future too.

Simplicity reins

Whilst we all love our kitchen gadgets the theme of 2018 is simplicity. Keeping the kitchen de-cluttered is a large factor in kitchen designs, and the best way to achieve this is with adequate storage. The more organised and better set-up the kitchen is the easier it is to keep it looking neat, tidy and simply beautiful.

The island

As the kitchen has transformed into a place for families to spend time together the island bench has grown in popularity. Not only does the island bench provide extra bench space, but it also assists with the issue of storage and provides a place to sit and catch up. The kitchen island is evolving and becoming the must have item in the kitchen.

Can you handle this?

Whilst many years ago kitchen renovations were incorporating push close drawers that did not have handles, we are seeing handles trending in 2018, they’re back and they’re better than ever. Add personality, style and finesse to your kitchen renovation with the right handles. Your handles have he ability to transform your kitchen.

Stay open

Open shelving has become a lot more popular giving the kitchen a more open and accessible feature. For those that aren’t very organised this can be a little confronting, but with the right amount of storage and a little organisation, these can really work for you.

For kitchen renovations on the Gold Coast that last

Talk to KBHI on the Gold Coast, whilst we keep up with the trends we ensure you get a classic look that will last for years to come. Our kitchen renovations are beautifully crafted to last the test of time in both style and durability. Call 07 5522 1570 to start your kitchen project today.

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