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The Kitchen Triangle

Kitchen renovations on the Gold Coast

As you seamlessly move around your kitchen it all seems to make sense, it’s no coincidence, it’s the kitchen

Kitchen design is most efficient when the kitchen triangle is applied. If you are undertaking a kitchen renovation it is imperative that you apply the concept, or you might find that your well-oiled machine starts to become a little disjoined.

What is the kitchen triangle?

In a kitchen the three main points of use are the stove top, refrigerator and the sink. When you design your kitchen these three need to be in an imaginary triangle for the kitchen to work. This will make the journey around the kitchen seamless and more efficient. Whilst the kitchen triangle has been around for many years, it is still very much valued in kitchen designing.

When applying the kitchen triangle concept, you need to ensure the triangle is not too far apart, or too compact.

Whilst the kitchen has changed significantly over the past few decades, the kitchen triangle is still widely credited. The kitchen has become the heart of the home, where people gather to eat, chat, do their homework and generally spend time together. Whilst cooking used to be left to mum, its now a task that is shared amongst the family, so whilst the purpose of the kitchen has changed somewhat, the kitchen triangle still provides good guidance to where everything should be positioned.

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