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The Best Colours to Use for a Small Bathroom

Many people prefer large bathrooms. While there are many advantages of having large bathrooms, it’s not always possible to accommodate enough space or resources so you have to settle for a smaller one. However, there are advantages of smaller bathrooms as well. For example, smaller bathrooms require less cleaning effort. Plus, there are ways you can make your small bathroom appear bigger through colour, windows, mirrors etc. The Gold Coast team here at KBHI has listed the best colours to use for a small bathroom. Enjoy!


White is a great colour choice for your bathroom regardless of size. But, white is especially effective in smaller bathrooms because of its reflective properties. Because white reflects light better, your bathroom looks bigger than it actually is. This technique works better if you use a lot of reflective surfaces in your bathroom like different sized mirrors.


Black brings a dash of class to bathrooms that no other colour can offer. Paired with chrome, satin or brass fittings, black can really make your bathroom stunning. Dark colours can also give your room depth and sophistication.

Grey and Timber finishes

Grey tones are still very popular and when paired with a timber vanity it can look fabulous. Black fittings complete the look once again providing a stunning bathroom.

So those were the best colours to use in smaller bathrooms. If you feel like you need a change in your bathroom, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are the best bathroom renovation team on the Gold Coast. We can help you out with new bathroom designs and bathroom renovations. We also offer services like kitchen renovation, kitchen designs, home innovations and much more. Call us today and our friendly team will help you out with whatever you may need.

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