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The bathroom or the kitchen?

When you are renovating on a limited budget you might have to decide between renovating the kitchen or the bathroom? So, which one do you choose?

Bathroom renovation Vs. Kitchen renovation

KBHI have looked at the difference between a bathroom renovation and a kitchen renovation to see which one is more beneficial for your Gold Coast home. Please note that these are all based on assumptions and not actual sizes and not taking your specific details into account.

  • Firstly, let’s look at cost? A bathroom renovation generally costs less than a kitchen renovation when you take all the costs into consideration.
  • Which takes longer? Generally, a kitchen renovation is a more timely process than a bathroom remodel.
  • What is going to be more disruptive to your home? This all depends. Whilst you can put a microwave in another room and rely on ready meals and takeout, can you manage without a shower? Probably not for a few weeks, however if you have a second bathroom this might not be an issue for you.
  • What will give me the best return on investment? When you look on shortly after the family room you usually see the kitchen displayed as a feature. The kitchen is the heart of the home and in an open plan scenario it will be more visible, so it stands to reason that a kitchen renovation would give you more best value for money.

Kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation – Why not get the best of both worlds?

Want the best of both worlds, why not try a home innovation? We can discuss possibly upgrading both the kitchen and bathroom without the need for a full renovation. This way you get two great looking rooms on a budget.

Kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations that can transform your Gold Coast home

Whether you want a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation or home innovation for your Gold Coast home call the experts at KBHI, we are here to assist you from start to finish. Call 07 5522 1570 to add a splash of style and sophistication to your home.

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