Kitchen Remodelling

Before you start remodelling your kitchen

Planning to get the kitchen remodelling done? Do you know exactly how you want your kitchen to look after the remodelling? Do you have some special requirements? Is your family growing and need a bigger and spacious kitchen? Do you know how to achieve that? What appliances do you need to add in there? What do you think about the current lighting? How much money do you plan to spend? Do you know a professional who’d be perfect for the job? Are you getting flustered with all these question thrown at you? Getting pissed having to answer all these questions?

Well, these are only a few of those million questions you need to ask yourself before you are starting on a renovation project. With these questions answered you’d find it easy to make decisions, staying in the budget, and getting the ultimate kitchen you always wanted.

Here are the few things we want you to consider getting done so you have the answers even before it is asked.

  1. Evaluate Your Kitchen: Your kitchen would be a good place to start. Go through the existing kitchen and identify the necessary upgrade. Make a list of anything you might want to keep. Thinking about the storage and secondary kitchen activities is a priority.
  2. Plan thoroughly: Planning your kitchen remodel should take more time than the actual construction. This will set the tone for the rest of the project. Almost everything goes in the planning, the layout, the design, the functionality, the fittings and appliances, the materials, the lighting, the plumbing and electric works, the budget and anything that you can think of. The more detailed and foreseeing your planning is, the better for your future kitchen.
  3. Think about the budget: Get real about the spending. Figure out what you really need and what you are getting out of mere fascination. Also, give it some breathing space so in case something unplanned comes up, you don’t need to step out of your expense limit.
  4. Find the professionals you will need: Do your research and find ‘the one’ for your kitchen. You want a professional who will listen to your plan and consider the feasibility of it, provide you the options and alternatives and let you know the best way to achieve that.
  5. Prepare your kitchen: Before you start on the actual remodelling, you need to prepare your kitchen for that. You need to protect what you’re keeping, whether floors cabinets, appliances or fixtures. Disconnect the gas, plumbing and electricity to your kitchen. Remove glass shades from light fixtures, outlet covers, heat registers and window coverings. Pull out the appliances and remove faucets and sink attachments.Lift out the sink if it sits above the countertop. Clean up waste and clear as much dirt and dust as possible.

You cannot foresee everything that will come up during the project. But with proper planning and preparation you can cut down the risk of happening something and catching you completely off guard. Kitchen Bathroom Home Innovation brings you the ultimate service for home improvements. Their friendly team will listen carefully about your project and lead you to an experience you will be happy to have. If you have any queries regarding your project or need some assistance, visit their website or simply make a call on 07 5522 1570. We are all ears.


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