Importance Of Kitchen Space

How do you know your kitchen needs some jazzing up?

Your home talks to you, it gives away signs to let you know when they are in trouble, you just need to listen carefully. As important as your kitchen space is, it’s crucial to identify those signs, because if not, it can have bad impact on your physical and emotional health.

Here are some common signs that, if revealed in your kitchen, indicate your kitchen might need an upgrade.

  1. You just can’t keep the clutter away: The first and foremost functionality of a kitchen fails when whatever you do, you always seem to have the insufficient storage issues. Countertops littered with arbitrarily placed appliances create an unappealing space and a dysfunctional kitchen. If you don’t have enough spaces to keep your dishes, pots and pans, kitchen tools and other necessities, then you might need to redesign your counters, drawers and pantry.
  2. Appliances are almost as old as you are: There is a difference between vintage and plain outdated. Old, out-of-date appliances not only just lacks the modern style but also they are inefficient and energy-gulping waste of money. If you need three pairs of hands and a special knob toggle to fire up an element of your stove, it might be time for an upgrade.
  3. Does not fulfil your needs anymore: As your family grows, a small kitchen will naturally begin to feel cramped. If you are a newly married couple or are expecting a child, you must keep in mind the new addition to your family and your space. You might need more space, need upgraded appliances or need to baby-proof your kitchen- whatever your current need is, think about all your options of transforming your existing kitchen space into something that has the maximum functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  4. Age is showing: With the passage of time, wear and tear will take place, and this is something no one can avoid. But you need to be worried when it is more frequent than before. Broken cabinet doors, loose hinges, damaged plaster and cracked tiles mean you need to get a contractor in as soon as possible.
  5. Gloomy and depressing: Kitchens are supposed to be warm and inviting, but nothing ruins your appetite like squinting to see your food. Bad lighting can make a kitchen dreary and depressing. So if you feel there is not enough light in your kitchen, you might need to plan a proper kitchen that does.
  6. Can’t find anything at the right time: When everything seems hard to find and out of reach, your kitchen is facing a storage problem that may require a new layout. You surely don’t want to waste half of your time digging through inaccessible cabinets or wading into dark drawers, right?
  7. It’s not a multifunctional space: A kitchen should be versatile. Can it accommodate all the family members? Is there space for you to hang out with your morning coffee, or do you have to stand? Can you throw mail on the counter without feeling claustrophobic? If the answers are negative, it’s time to remodel your kitchen.

These are only a few of the many signs that say you need to pay attention to your kitchen. KBHI has a skilled and experienced team that can take over your existing kitchen space and turn it into a more functional and aesthetically pleasing area. If you are thinking of remodelling, give us a call to hire expert assistance.

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