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Kitchen Disasters: What NOT to do when renovating your kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but what happens when you decide it’s time to renovate? Carnage comes to mind. But when you put your trust in Kitchen Brokers Queensland for your kitchen renovation, you will find the process a lot more manageable than you expect.

Whilst Kitchen Brokers Queensland on the Gold Coast has a team of qualified consultants just waiting to help you, we thought we’d come up with a few tips on how to avoid potential kitchen disasters if you will!

Don’t mess with the kitchen triangle.

You might or might not be aware that your kitchen is a well-oiled machine. As you make your way around the kitchen it might come as a surprise that there is a clear method to why the kitchen is laid out the way it is. The sink, oven, stove and refrigerator and the most commonly used areas in the kitchen, and their proximity and location to one another is important. If your kitchen renovation messes with this, you might find your well-oiled machine has a cog stuck.

Don’t go crazy with the colour

What you love today you might hate tomorrow, or if you’re selling a bold colour will only attract a select client base. Try and stay neutral with your fixtures and fittings and add a splash of colour by adding some accessories, such as towels, kettles and toasters.

A kitchen renovation no, no

You can get too much of a good thing. Don’t choose a material and over use it, what starts off looking stylish and chic can look like an overdone eyesore.

Don’t do it, don’t take away the counter space.

When it comes something, you can never have too much of that’s workspace. There’s nothing worse than a big kitchen with nowhere to prepare your food. Make sure your kitchen is designed with adequate preparation areas.

No kitchen renovation is complete without some clever storage ideas

As kitchen specialists we know that when it comes to added extras the list can go on, but don’t be too hasty to pass on them. Clever storage and compartment dividers will make your kitchen work better.

Get a kitchen renovation budget

Starting your project, you should clearly set out how much you want to spend, bearing in mind your return on investment. A rule of thumb is to limit your budget to 15% of the value of your home in order to make the necessary returns on it.

The kitchen renovation specialists on the Gold Coast

A kitchen renovation is one of the best ways to add value and functionality to your home if it’s done properly. If a jobs worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. Why not get the kitchen specialists in and don’t leave anything to chance? Call 07 5500 4262 on the Gold Coast to get your project underway!


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