Latest Trend In Kitchen Designs

Cook in style: Latest trend in kitchen designs

A necessity for those who love to cook, a motivation for those who don’t; a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen is a requirement in every home. Staying up-to-date with the latest trend helps you keep the spirit up and make your kitchen a space that will feed your soul along with feeding your stomach.

Following are a few top trends in kitchen designs that raises the appeal of the space:

  1. Matte finishes: It you opt for bringing a subtle way to bring luxury and elegance to the kitchen, matte finish is the trend for you. Recently, matte finishes are taking over the walls, furniture, fixtures, and appliances in modern kitchens. Often used in combination with metallic and high-gloss glazes to create a striking contrast of sheens, the new mattes are found in moody hues and pretty pastels.
  2. Lighting: Smart use of lighting to set the tone of different kitchen areas is hot in trend. An abundance of natural light is fantastic, but kitchens also need practical sources of artificial light: ambient lighting to create an overall glow, task lighting to illuminate workspaces and accent lighting to highlight features in the space.
  3. Shaker door: Shaker style has made its way back to business. A shaker style cabinet door uses a five-piece design, with a recessed centre panel and feature meticulous craftsmanship and minimalist design.
  4. Hand-free faucets: Simplicity and classic minimalism is in for faucets and fixtures. While hands-free faucets may make filling large pots of water easier, they are appreciated for more than just convenience. Touch-free faucets are cleaner and help save water.
  5. Roll-Out Shelves in the Cabinets: Tired of losing stuffs to the back of the cabinet? Roll out shelves are here to help. With the innovation of this specific design element, reaching the back of a cabinet has never been easier. Now, you will not have an excuse to not use that big pot or roaster anymore.
  6. Industrial look: Industrial design is a style that has grown in recent years and set to continue in recent years. This look is characterised by details such as bare brick, exposed pipes, rustic metals and minimalist furniture, the trend is inspired by factory spaces.
  7. Enclosed trash and recycling: Trash bins take up floor space, can smell bad and are a source of mayhem for family pets. What can make us happier than to know you now can keep the stinky hidden in an enclosed space?
  8. Copper accents: The main trend in colour right now is towards grey and earthy tones. Shades of grey in cabinets and doors seem to be continuing to be in demand and we will also start to see more copper coloured handles, accessories and appliances coming through as people try to find alternatives to stainless steel and black to complement their cabinets.


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