Choose Your Bathroom Fixtures

Choose your bathroom fixtures like a pro

Choosing bathroom fixtures is the most important part of any bathroom renovation project. Bathroom fixtures include toilet, sink, shower, tub, faucets and other details. Good news is, now a days there are endless options to choose from. Bad news is with so many options, ranging from opulent to modern to budget-friendly staples, it may seem overwhelming to know to choose the right bathroom fixtures for your budget and needs that will get the job done. When planning your bathroom plumbing, take these bathroom plumbing fixture styles and trends into consideration.

  1. Bathtubs: Prioritise the functionality over the look. There are many factors to consider, how much room you have, how big you want the tub, where the drain needs to be located, whether or not you will be installing glass doors, walls and surrounds.
  2. Showers: Consider your budget, tastes and preferences when choosing the bathroom fixtures. If you prefer a relaxing mist, you may want to have body sprayers placed throughout your shower. Rain shower heads, on the other hand, give you the calming feeling of standing beneath a waterfall.
  3. Sinks: These bathroom plumbing fixtures serve as a focal point, and can be as ornate and colourful or simplistic and minimal as you want. Some prefer deeper, under mounted sinks, or the timeless and space saving pedestal style sinks. There are various materials they can be made from as well, including even glass.
  4. Faucet: Choose a faucet according to the type of sink or vanity you have in the bathroom. If you’re using a vessel sink, which is above-counter, you’ll need a faucet which is high enough to accommodate the sink. If your vanity countertop is pre-drilled, you’ll need to match your faucet to the holes. If you’re replacing an existing faucet, you’ll have to stick to what is there, or perhaps drill new holes, but plugging the old holes is not an option.
  5. Toilets: Toilets are available in a diverse range of colours and designs. You can spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on how ornate its design is and how expensive the materials used to construct the toilet of your choice. Take size, material and functionality into consideration when shopping for this specific type of fixture.

Alongside the design and look, there is another factor that goes into choosing the fixture, fixture finishes. There are many details to consider when selecting finishes, for example,

  • Liking and preference can change time to time, but it’s tough and expensive to make gigantic changes every few years. There are some fixtures that need replacing every 10 years or so, our suggestion is that go with the finish you love for the smaller fixtures such as the faucet and shower head, even if it does happen to be a passing trend. You can always replace them in a decade to refresh the look.
  • Some finishes are higher maintenance than others. Chrome looks much better than brushed stainless steel on fixtures, but it shows water marks easily so you will need to clean more often. Copper is a popular finish right now because it looks amazing, but it’s not a good look when your faucet starts turning green. The upkeep on refinishing copper may not be worth the look.

If you are considering a bathroom renovation and got stuck on deciding the right fixtures, KBHI has a skilled team who can advise and guide you to the right option. Call us to talk to our friendly team if you have any queries about home improvement.

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