Create a fully accessible kitchen space

Build a kitchen that everyone can use

Can your existing kitchen easily accommodate you and your family during the morning rush? Can children reach a countertop surface? Can adults who wish to sit while preparing food comfortably pull up a chair to a work surface? How high must you reach to access stored foods or supplies? How much clearance do you require to move about the kitchen—and how many people will use the space at one time?

These are all questions to consider as you plan a kitchen renovation that incorporate universal kitchen design principles. Here we have listed a few factors that should go into the decision, take a look,

Comfort-height counters: Most kitchens accommodate more than one person, so including multiple countertop heights into the design will provide a comfortable work space for everyone. We suggest you to add a multipurpose lower countertop where anyone can sit and work, and where children can stand. A standard table can also be used to sit or work.

Open plan: In a family home, the kitchen and living room are pretty much synonymous. One flows into the other, and the lines between the two are getting more blurred. The idea is to build a kitchen that is user-friendly, and plan it to have those comforts that a living room should have.

Easy-care surfaces: For a family kitchen, low-maintenance countertops and floors are needed. Wipeability is key with family. Solid surfaces such as granite, quartz or budget-friendly laminate are easy to clean and durable.

Accessible pantry: An easily accessible pantry is a must for not just family kitchen, but every kitchen. Pantry cabinets with drawers that fully extend make it easy to reach items. Children may have designated pantry drawers that are lower and contain parent-approved foods.

Accessible appliances. Speaking of improving reach, dishwasher drawers are an ergonomic alternative to the traditional pull-down door that blocks foot traffic. Two dishwasher drawers positioned on either side of the sink is an ideal layout, and the capacity will match your old, standard dishwasher. And rather than reaching up to a microwave, or down to a microwave drawer, consider a multi-tasking convection/microwave oven installed at shoulder height.

Snack bar: Features like an island will multi-task in a family kitchen, serving as a snack bar, dining area or place for children to do homework while a parent prepares dinner.

Alongside all these factors, you also need to pay attention to details, such as hardware, door knobs and where appliances are placed. Kitchen Bathroom Home Innovation has been in this renovation industry for over 20 years and they have the skills and expertise that can help you perfectly build a kitchen that caters to all ages and requirements.

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