5 Kitchen Innovations Ideas You Will Love

5 kitchen innovations you will instantly fall in love with

There was a time when kitchen was a place to cook and share your meal, but as the time changed the place has taken up more and more importance in our daily life. It has been a place to congregate, finish the office work or simply spending some quality time reading the newspaper. Whenever necessary it has turned itself into a mini workstation and what not. So, no wonder we’d like our kitchen space to be something extra-ordinary and one that makes us spend more and more time in. Realising our demands, new kitchen innovations are being made every day to make our time efficient and comfortable.

We would like to draw your attention to a few kitchen innovations we found smart and fascinating. Let’s hope you find the list intriguing as well.

    1. A cabinet that makes the clutter go poof

Ensure you are organised!

Sick of appliances sticking out like a sore thumb? Clever panelling and built-ins can make your appliances blend seamlessly with your cabinetry and let it add to the aesthetics of your kitchen interior. Enclosed appliances as such cuts off the clutter in the kitchen, creates the illusion of more space and gives your kitchen a clean and contemporary look. This would be a very cost-effective way to house a refrigerator and small appliances while using a short wall.

   2.Soft close kitchen cabinet doors and drawers

Soft Close Kitchen Cabinet Doors And Drawers

Bet there is not a single soul out there who will argue when we say, we hate the screeching sound cabinet doors and drawers make. And here is where soft close cabinet doors and drawers make their grand entrance. Soft-close drawer slides are the latest in closing technology and the perfect blend between modern innovation and functionality. Even if you or others in the family are a little heavy-handed, this door/drawer will close quietly and smoothly each and every time. These will also extend the life of your cabinets by reducing the impact of constant slamming and eliminate the risk of pinched fingers to boot.

  3.Full extension drawer slides

Full Extension Drawer Slides

Pushed the things you thought you wouldn’t need for a while at the very back of kitchen drawers and now finding it feels like bringing something out from the black hole? Well, if you want to easily take stock of what’s at the very back of kitchen drawers, you need to install the full extension drawer slides. This is one kitchen innovation that allows drawers to slide open all the way making it much easier to get objects in and out.

  4.Bi-fold appliance cabinets

Bi-fold appliance cabinets

Bi-fold cabinet doors are great storage solutions that allow easy access to appliances which can be hidden when not in use. They are excellent for maximising space and keeping your kitchen from looking cluttered. Having cabinet with bi-fold doors to keep food and appliances out of sight is a good way to have a dedicated, closable pantry if you don’t have the space for a walk-in.

  5.Dishwasher in a Drawer

Dishwasher in A Drawer

Use dishwasher drawers in place of a regular dishwasher or in addition to a full-size dishwasher. These handy appliances offer efficient cleaning for a few dishes. Consider installing one in a butler’s pantry, basement game room, or near a prep centre. This cherry-panelled dishwasher has the look of a regular drawer, then pulls out for easy sink-side clean-up.

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