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5 colours that are perfect for the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s a place that families gather, but it’s also a focal point when it comes to selling your Gold Coast home.

When you update or renovate your kitchen you need to keep in mind that whilst a kitchen can be a big draw card when it comes to selling, in some cases can be a big turn off too. Keeping your kitchen as classic as possible will ensure you won’t be behind the trends and your kitchen won’t look too dated when it comes to selling.

Colours that enhance a kitchen renovation

  1. Blues and greys are a great colour that go with most decors. By adding blues and greys to your kitchen, in an open plan setting it will match most tastes and styles.
  2. Yellow is a great up-lifting colour. Choosing a soft yellow colour will complement a range of colours, and you can add in some greens and blues to give it a striking finish. Be careful what yellow you opt for as a bright colour yellow can be imposing and tacky looking.
  3. Whites and greys are a beautiful neutral colour that again go with the majority of decors. You can add splashes of colour and patterns with your accessories when you feel like a change and it won’t clash with the base colour.
  4. Earthy hues and tones are perfect for a classic kitchen. Light browns, light greys and light greens with cream form a colour palate that will give your kitchen a chic look.
  5. You can’t go wrong with classic white. White is fresh, clean and timeless. It’s easy to change the look of a white kitchen by adding in some colourful kettles, toasters and tea towels. The best part is, you can mix it up and change it around at minimal cost.

For a kitchen renovation that complements your home

Talk to the team at KBHI about your kitchen renovation plans. We will come to your Gold Coast home and we can advise you on what would work and what might not complement your home. Call 07 5522 1570 to see how we can provide the best kitchen for your home.

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