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3 Popular kitchen Benchtop Materials

When you are undertaking a kitchen renovation the kitchen stone benchtop is an important element of the kitchen that can raise the profile of your home.

So, when you think of your dream kitchen what benchtop do you envision?

Whilst there are many options on the market, we’ve come up with three benchtops that give a stunning finish to your kitchen renovation.

Natural stone benchtops

You can’t beat the nature and especially when it comes to natural stone benchtops. A natural stone benchtop might come with a slightly higher price tag but when you’re looking for quality you can’t argue that its worth it.

Natural stone is beautiful and unique. Nature does not do mass production, so you can guarantee that your natural sandstone will be unique to you. If properly sealed, maintained and looked after, natural sandstone can last a lifetime.


If you’re looking for a focal point for your kitchen benchtops in Gold Coast then you need to look at concrete. No longer just reserved for the outdoors, concrete is making its way into the house and it looks sleek and sophisticated.

Not a fan of grey? You’ll be surprised to find that concrete engineered stone benchtops come in a variety of hues and textures.

Concrete not only looks good it is durable and long lasting too, so you know that you will get a beautiful benchtop for many years to come.

Timber benchtops

Timber gives a very classic and rustic look to a home. By adding a timber benchtop to your kitchen renovation, you can add some old-world charm to a modern style.

Timber, if treated properly can be durable and long-lasting, it is easily repaired and there is no mistaking how good it looks.

A kitchen renovation that will last

When renovating your kitchen talk to KBHI on the Gold Coast, we are the kitchen specialists. If you want to know what materials will complement your kitchen renovation, we can assist you. Call 07 5522 1570 to achieve your dream kitchen today.

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